Irish Sea Moss

Sea Moss, Chondrus crispus, is a species of red algae. Commonly found on the rocky parts of the Atlantic coast of Europe and North America, sea moss has some vital properties for which it was used throughout Europe for decades. Sea moss helps people who are suffering from malnutrition, as it consists of 92 minerals of the total 102 minerals that the human body requires.



Sea moss aids in preventing and treating anemia due to the content of iron and prevents iron deficiency, which leads to low levels of hemoglobin.


Boosts energy

The content of minerals in sea moss enables oxygen to be fairly distributed in a short period of time, increasing metabolism and allowing the nutrients in our food to be more properly absorbed.


Thyroid disorders

Sea moss contains high amounts of iodine, which aids in the production of thyroid hormones.


Relieves flu symptoms

Sea moss aids in reducing phlegm congestion. This benefit is credited to the natural content of potassium chloride.


Relieves asthma symptoms

Sea moss can also be used as a natural expectorant which effectively removes mucus, easing asthma related breathing problems. In addition, sea moss’ anti-inflammatory properties reduce inflammation in the lungs.


 Improves mental health

The content of potassium in sea moss aids in mental health. Potassium is essential in keeping the nervous system functioning, which can help problems such anxiety, depression, agitation, and mood swings.


Purges heavy metals

Sea moss contains a compound called Algin. Algin is a kind of phytonutrient which can be a detoxifier that helps to eliminate heavy metals in the body, such as mercury. These can build up in the body due to the consumption of mercury contaminated deep sea fishes such salmon and tuna, environmental conditions or from medical treatments.


Effectively treats wounds and benefits skin

The content of collagen and vitamin E in sea moss quickly heals post-surgery wounds and can also prevent some skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, sunburn, and rashes. Collagen is also very effective in increasing skin complexity by strengthening the connective tissues.


Natural anti-inflammatory

The anti-inflammatory properties of sea moss aid in reducing inflammation in any part of the body while relieving the pain caused by the inflammation and can be used as a natural pain reliever for joints, muscle, stomach and headaches.


Good for cancer treatment

Cancer treatment requires intensive therapy to combat the growth of cancer cells. However, people may suffer from side effects due to the constant radiation therapy. In this case, sea moss offers a natural remedy to ease these symptoms by absorbing the toxic compounds from the bowels and flushes them from our system. Irish moss has been used extensively in many anti-cancer protocols.


We recommend taking 2-4 capsules daily or soaking 1-2 teaspoons in 8 ounces of water, creating a gel, before consuming.