Mrs. Mango has been servicing the Space Coast Area since 1983

Tuesday - Saturday 10 A.M. - 4 P.M.

Welcome to the magical world of Mrs. Mango's! At the shop you will encounter an enchanted garden, unique animals, and herbal preparations of all sorts. Take the time to wander the grounds and find inspiration and treasures to delight the senses. We have worked hard to create a place that is grounding and comforting to anyone who needs a break from today's hectic lifestyle.

Anti-Inflammatory Blend Capsules

We have found that sufferers of lupus, arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, herniated disks, carpal tunnel, hip pain, knee pain, lower back pain, ulcers, and a variety of other diseases relating to the swelling of a body system have all benefited tremendously from these capsules.


Banaba Leaf Powder

A powerful weapon in the fight against high blood sugar, especially those suffering from type 2 diabetes. The leaf of the Banaba tree has been used in traditional medicine throughout SE Asia, especially in the Philippenes and India.


Maca Root

Maca is very different from other types of energizers on the market. It contains no caffeine, no processed sugar and no pharmaceutical energy enhancers. What that means is that Maca boosts your energy in a balanced and sustained manner and that it never stresses your adrenal glands like the aforementioned energy enhancers.


We are celebrating our 35th year in business this September and owe it all to our wonderful friends, a.k.a., customers. Each day we have the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life who are trying to find a more natural approach to living. Whether it's a remedy to a common complaint or relief from a lifelong illness, we strive to give assistance to anyone who needs it.

When you come into the shop, you will be offered a complimentary cup of tea, iced or hot. I recommend you take the time to accept the offer and have a seat to enjoy the treat of a home made cup of hibiscus tea and a windmill cookie. Its a tradition of ours that we use to welcome old friends and introduce new ones to our shop.

After you have taken the time to unwind, browse the shop or come up to the counter and ask as many questions as you please. If we can offer our guidance to an ailment or issue, we will happily share any information we feel will be of assistance. If we know of a practitioner or healer who may help further, we will gladly pass on the contacts of those we recommend.