Coral Calcium

A Natural Source of Calcium

Coral calcium or as is sometimes called, Kaolin clay, is harvested from clay mines. Workers dig down until they reach the ancient fossilized coral reef that formed millions of years ago when much of the continental United States was partly under water. As the eons passed, pressure from the surface forced the coral reefs to become white clay that is now used by us as naturally derived nutrients. Coral calcium not only contains an enormous source of calcium, but also a large source of oceanic minerals. Many of the nutrients are similar to the human body. These include vitamins D, E, and C, zinc, selenium, boron, iodine, nickel, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, and sodium. All of these minerals are also easily absorbed by our body in this form. Calcium is essential for our bones, teeth, muscles, and nervous system. It's direct action on cell nutrition, DNA reproduction and Ph control, aids to prevent muscle and joint pain, cramps, convulsions, insomnia, arthritis, allergies, osteoporosis, hypoglycemia, and depression. Recent studies also link inappropriate calcium levels to the aging process. Therefore, more calcium means more oxygen and more benefit to our bodies. We get our Kaolin clay from Georgia. It is unprocessed and natural. The recommended daily dose is 1-2 capsules daily. You can easily mix the powder in a liquid or in a smoothie. Is a great addition to any diet and is easily assimilated by your body, unlike some of the manufactured forms found in processed calcium supplements. So do yourself and your body a favor and add coral calcium to your daily routine.