As we age and our body changes, hormone levels, energy levels, sex drive, metabolism, mood and overall zest for life can suffer. We have formulated a blend of herbs to help address these common issues women face.

We call this blend “Woman’s Libido”, but the herbs included in the blend do much more than just that. Women are complex creatures. We require more than just a stimulant herb to put us “in the mood”. With daily use of this blend, many have experienced a renewed interest in sex, more energy, uplifted mood and a more balanced metabolism.

The ingredients in the blend include:

Bee Pollen- Also known a natures multi-vitamin. Pollen contains all the essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for daily nutritional needs. Also contains a natural dosage of B12, which has been shown to increase energy and mood.

Ginkgo Biloba- Has been shown to have the ability to improve blood levels of nitric oxide, which improves circulation via the dilation of blood vessels. Increased circulation can activate the sexual organs, improving overall libido.

Maca Root- Known as an adaptogenic herb, maca helps to balance many body systems including hormone, thyroid and adrenal function.

Muira Puama- Traditionally used in Brazilian folk medicine as a natural aphrodisiac, modern science has proven this root to help treat sexual dysfunction in both men and woman.

Siberian Ginseng- Over the past 2 decades, numerous controlled clinical studies have proven this herb as a valuable treatment in male and female sexual dysfunction by increasing arousal and vitality.

Yohimbe Bark- Known for centuries by the West African tribes as a powerful aphrodisiac, we now know that yohimbe blocks the alpha-2 adrenergic receptors, the receptors known to inhibit erection. It also promotes nitric oxide release, increases blood flow to the sexual organs to men and woman.

The dosage for most woman is 1 capsule taken in the morning. After 3-4 weeks of continued use, the dosage can be increased if needed.