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Here at Mrs. Mangos we carry a few different varieties, depending on the season.

Cave paintings show that we have been hunting down this sweet stuff for at least 8000 years! Used by the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Native American, Indian, Australian, and Asian communities from the times of ancient history all the way to present day. No other insect has been studied more than the Apis Mallifera, otherwise known as the European honey bee. These bees are the only insect in the animal kingdom that creates a food source for human beings. Truly miraculous creatures, honey bee1s gather pollen and nectar from blossoming flowers. An average bee may visit thousands of flowers each and every day. By flying to different flowers, bees pollinate many different varieties of plants, inducing about 70% of our crop plants, AKA our food! Without the bee's pollination, we would not be able to feed the people of this planet the different kinds of honey reflect the different pollens and nectars that the bee's collect.

Wildflower honey is the most medicinal honey there is because it has a mixture of pollen from many different sources. Taken daily it can alleviate seasonal allergies, it can heal wounds with less scarring, it makes a hydrating mask for use on the face, and the bees wax from the hive can be used for everything from candle making, to a base for salves. Because it is a mix of pollens from whatever plants are blooming, wildflower honey is available year round. Orange blossom honey is the most recognizable "Florida" honey. With its golden yellow color and sweet taste, it makes a perfect honey to add to teas and as a sweetener in cooking. This is usually available from February to May. Palm honey is a very nice honey with a more gentle taste than the orange blossom. This is a good honey for those who enjoy a honey taste without it being overly sweet. This starts to come in with the arrival of fall.

Saw palm honey has a bitter edge but is excellent for prostate health and has a following here at the shop. We only get small quantities of this, so first come, first served.

Whichever honey is your favorite, keep in mind you taste Mother Nature every time you use honey.